The NAPB Graduate Student Working Group (GSWG) is composed of graduate students across the country that share a passion for plant breeding. The GSWG serves on each NAPB committee through student liaisons. By serving on committees, students have the opportunity to meet and network with prominent industry and university plant breeding representatives. The group assists the committees through many activities which include poster contest preparation, NAPB brochure development, and collection of plant breeding education material. The GSWG meets on a monthly basis to discuss committee happenings and future annual NAPB meetings. Students are actively providing input for upcoming meetings and are helping to shape the future of the NAPB! Over 40 students are involved in the GSWG and over 100 graduate students attend the annual NAPB meetings.


Mission: The Graduate Student Working Group seeks to provide a graduate student perspective for the Advocacy, Communication, Education, Executive, Meeting, and Membership committees. Primary responsibilities include serving as graduate student members of the NAPB committees, organization of the annual poster competition, facilitation of the webinar series, and communication with the graduate student community.


Benefit: Participation is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience and to expand your professional network. 





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