Lifetime Achievement Award

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Recognizes an individual who has given distinguished long-term service to the plant breeding discipline in areas such as breeding/genetics research and publication, education (graduate or undergraduate training), extension outreach, and regional, national, and/or international leadership.

Past Winners

2017: Dr. Robert E. Allan, USDA-ARS at Washington State University

2016: Dr. Philipp Simon, USDA-ARS at University of Wisconsin-Madison

2015: Dr. Stephen Baenziger, Wheat Growers Presidential Chair at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2014: Dr. Ted Crosbie, Distinguished Fellow in Science Emeritus at Monsanto Company

2013: Dr. Johnie Jenkins, Research Geneticist with the USDA-ARS at Starkville, Mississippi

2012: Dr. Charles Stuber, Professor Emeritus of Genetics and Crop Science at North Carolina State University

2011: Dr. Jules Janick, James Troop Distinguished Professor of Horticulture (Fruit and vegetable breeding) at Purdue University

2010: Dr. James Brewbaker, Professor of Horticulture and Genetics (sweetcorn), University of Hawaii at Manoa

Early Career Scientist Award

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Recognizes a young scientist who is active in the plant breeding field.  Applicants should exhibit the ability to establish strong research foundations (experimental techniques, publications, etc.), to interact with multidisciplinary teams, and to participate in professional societies relevant to their discipline.  The nominee must have obtained their Ph.D. after December 31, 2006 (for 2016 award).

Past Winners

2017: Dr. Robert Duncan, Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba

2016: Dr. Jesse Poland, Assistant Professor at Kansas State University 

2015: Dr. Jennifer Yates, Global Soybean Breeding Agronomic Traits Lead at Monsanto Company

2014: Dr Maria Salas Fernandes, Assistant Professor of Agronomy at Iowa State University

2013: Dr. Seth Murray, Assistant Professor (quantitative genetics and maize breeding) at Texas A&M University

2012: Dr. Michael Gore, ARS Research geneticist at Maricopa, Arizona

2011: Dr. Sterling Brooks Blanche, Assistant Professor (maize and rice) at Louisiana State Agricultural Center

2010: Dr. Yanqi Wu, Assistant Professor (forage and turfgrass) at Oklahoma State University

2009: Dr. Stacy Bonos, Assistant Professor (turfgrass) at Rutgers

Plant Breeding Impact Award

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Recognizes an individual who has made significant advancements in the field of plant breeding, specifically in the area of applied variety and/or technology development. Public or private plant breeders whose improved germplasm or technological contributions have had a measurable impact on crop production are eligible to receive this award.

Past Winners

2017: Dr. John R. Clark, Distinguished Professor of Horticulture at the University of Arkansas

2016: Dr. Brett Carver, Regents Professor and Wheat Genetics Chair in Agriculture at Oklahoma State University

2015: Dr. Rex Bernardo, Professor and Endowed Chair in Corn Breeding and Genetics at University of Minnesota

2014: Dr. William A. Meyer, Professor and Director of Turfgrass Breeding at Rutgers University

2013: Dr. Roger Boerma, Distinguished Research Professor (soybean) at University of Georgia

2012: Dr. Marvin Boerboom, Monsanto Line Development Breeder at the Olivia, MN Corn Research Station

Friends of Plant Breeding Award

Honors individuals whose career has not been involved in an active plant breeding program, but who, through their professional activities, have contributed significantly to the advancement of the plant breeding discipline.


Past Winners

2017: Dr. Ann Marie Thro, National Program Leader for Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources at the National Institute for Food and Agriculture in the USDA

Graduate Student Poster Award

Recognizes outstanding graduate student oral and poster presentations, both in content and delivery, which exemplifies breeding/genetics research.

Past Oral Winners

2015 1st place: James Heilig, Michigan State University; 2nd place: Kathleen Russell, University of Kentucky; 3rd place: Jozer Mangandi, University of Florida

Curent Poster Winners

2017 1st place: Stephanie Fong, Rutgers University; 2nd place: Daljit Singh, Kansas State University; 3rd place: Mohammad Rahman, Kansas State University

Past Poster Winners

2016 1st place: Olalere (Marcus) Olatoye, Kansas State University; 2nd place: Eduardo Bernal, The Ohio State University; 3rd place: Justin Ma, North Carolina State University

2015 1st place: David Eickholt, North Carolina State University; 2nd place: Andrea Varella, Montana State University; 3rd place: Paul Sandefur, Washington State University

2014 1st place: Tyler Tiede, University of Minnesota; 2nd place: Jessica Gilbert, University of Florida; 3rd place: Jennifer Kimball, North Carolina State University

2013 1st place: Steve Becker, Colorado State University; 2nd place: Jill Recker, North Carolina State University; 3rd place: Gerardo Nunez, University of Florida

Press Releases

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